Impact Stories

Testimonies from Willowind’s community

Betty Phelps, shares why she volunteers at Willowind
Linda Lunt, Case Manager and Licensed Social Worker, shares her experience with Willowind
Farrin Paul rides at Willowind and she tells you why
Judy Britt, tells you why Willowind means so much to her family

Videos from our previous fundraising campaigns

2021 fundraising campaign
Raising money for the construction of a sensory trail

Willowind’s staff opening words of the sensory trail campaign
A word from Willowind’s board

2020 fundraising campaign
Raising money for solar panels

David Folger, director of Willowind, starting the Willowind "Fundracing" Olympics campaign
Gus La Casse played fiddle to the horses
Willowind reached its fundraising goal and installed solar panels on the barn